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Artist Statement
Cameron Zebrun

I am an observer and collector of images, experiences, emotional responses and ideas inspired by the natural world. My work leads me into deserts, glacial basins, forests, mountains, and river deltas all manner of
ecosystems. I record the intimate patterns that forces of enact on these
landscapes the textures, rhythms, symmetry and asymmetry, the essences of nature¹s abstract forms. This is the raw material for my art.
In the studio, this sensory information is filtered through an intuitive process of building and painting, resulting in art that maps the fluid, non-linear experience of the cycles of nature--cycles that continuously invite the opportunity for revelation and discovery.

I use scientific methods of interpreting the physical world as structures
within my work, thus combining two-dimensional color, texture and line with three-dimensional forms in creating primarily wall-based painted wood sculptures. For example, I use maps‹referencing the color pallet and
cartographic drawing styles and symbols‹in combination with model-making techniques, representing the topography and geology of a landscape. I use the human tools used to navigate the natural world as three-dimensional forms as well. In a recent series, I integrated the sleek lines and elegant curves of the kayak as a three-dimensional sculptural form within my work. This solitary watercraft appeals to me as an actual and metaphorical means of exploring the physical and creative journey along the many bodies of water I have traversed.

My work is often categorized as defying categorization. They are neither
painting nor sculpture, although they embody both processes. One encounters them the way one encounters a new, unfamiliar environment. All of the components, the colors, forms, and graphic elements are all derived from my experiences with the natural world, experiences that provide both pleasure and purpose. I approach nature with a sense of wonder and keen perception. This is how I invite viewers to experience my work. Each object is an opportunity to chart one¹s own course, mining the abstract for glimpses of actual places. My desire is to solicit a contemplative frame of mind.

Artist Statement